The company was established under the framework of Foreign Capital Investment Law dated 8 July 1970. In 1983, the company conducted an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The shares offered to the public in the IPO were registered on the Jakarta Stock Exchange on 29 March 1983 and Surabaya Stock Exchange on 16 June 1989. On 6 November 1991, the company acquired 100% ownership PT Bristol-Myers Indonesia (the subsidiary). Its production facilities are located in Cibinong, on a site of 2.3 Ha. The company’s main products in the prescription line are marketed under the brand names of Capmen, Corgard, Capozide, Kenacort, Kenacomb, Mycostatin, Azactam and Velosef, up to 36 kinds of antibiotics. In the non prescription line are Engran, Counterpain, Vi-grans, Theragran-M and Squibb B-Complex. In 2002, the company launched new sizes of two key products: Counterpain Cool in 5 gram and 60 gram tubes and Counterpain Cream in 5 gram tubes. It also introduced Excedrin, another mainstay product, in tablet form.

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